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 Redesigning companies 
.as communities.

OCT 4-8 2021

This time we did it differently



5 days.  28 lightning talks, learning labs, presentations, demos, networking and unplug sessions. Speakers and participants coming from different parts of the globe. 


All by community builders, for community builders. Thank you for being a part of Community Builders Summit 2021! 


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What is it about?

The global pandemic has put a spotlight on how “business as usual” is not a viable option for running a company. The problem is twofold. Managers are drowning in meetings and experts are starting to question their commitment to the corporate hierarchy and goal setting. At the same time companies are experiencing seismic shifts in markets as clients and other stakeholders are reevaluating their old habits and finding new ways of operating and connecting.

The theme for this year’s  Community Builders’ Summit is all about “Redesigning Companies as Communities.”

Companies need to reinvent themselves by going back to their core purpose and building their operations to support that. This leads to more open culture where people have bigger ownership and agency to do what they see right.
Companies also need to embrace the individuality of their employees and partners and support a more natural way of forming connections and communities.
This is a big and sudden shift in ways many companies are expected to operate. And it poses a challenge for us all to unlearn the old ways and celebrate the new possibilities of working as more flexible and purpose driven communities. 

- Lana Jelenjev and Miikka Leinonen


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